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Welcome to Myriad Gaming

Myriad Gaming is dedicated to bringing you games for your mobile, tablet or computer that will keep you entertained for hours on end with fresh and innovative content

What We Do

Here at Myriad, we use the resources available to us to do our best in making certain to satisfy you. By pooling together our collective experience, knowledge, and talent in making works, we do our best at keeping our vision for what we want alive, and still succeeding at the creation of quality projects.

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Myriad Codex

Myriad Codex, being our premier project, promises to do well. We're creating an app for Android phones and tablets designed as an interactive, 'Create Your Own Adventure', and we'll be writing our very own books for the app best designed to keep people entertained from the very beginning until the very end.

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Project Space

Project Space is our long term project in development. As it is, we're working on a few smaller ones with the goal of getting better and being able to make this one, still a vision, into a reality for the user. This project is being kept tight under wraps, but once we get started on it proper we'll be sharing quite a bit more info.

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