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Meet the crazies behind the games

Company Overview

Here at Myriad, we believe that if you manage to get the right people and the right idea, you can accomplish anything. This shared idea is what caused us to come together in March 2013, and see what we can do. Having decided that all of us together working, learning, and achieving things properly could significantly improve what we lay our hands on. So... Who are we? We're Myriad. A group of relatively normal and decent people who are like-minded, and who enjoy working together and making sure to have a laugh as we do it. Unlike a lot of other groups we're pretty laid back and make sure we enjoy what we do, as it makes a difference in everything we set our minds to, allowing us to ensure we get results and can put more of ourselves into the games we make. With that kept in mind, we've set out here to create innovative and imaginative games to keep everyone entertained for hours on end with plenty of realism, suspense, and even a bit of comedy, so as to make sure we can offer you an unparalleled level of entertainment that will last.

Meet the Team

Apple_Master - Word Smith, Go Getter, Dogsbody
Apple_Master is an ex-student (take that was you will, I guess) who studied Psychology, Sociology and some other things that mean very little to anyone. At Myriad he is best described as any of the following: "WORD SMITH" "Vocabulary Warlock" or maybe possibly "handy man". while he'd prefer the first of them many of us simply call him the tea lady. His main responsibility here is to write things that people can read without going blind and/or insane, but he will also be doing basically anything else if needed (as long as he gets tea breaks obviously). While he doesn't have as much actual work experience as the torp/etc he at least makes up for it with common sense and enthusiasm, and if anything goes wrong we have someone to blame!

DeciusR - Writer
Decius is an odd writer with a flair for a dramatic, for better or for worse. In actuality, his entire purpose here is to make the most rambling and convoluted stories imaginable that draw the reader on the other side in, whether it looks like it would or not. For the most part, he works along with the writing work in order to make things nice and presentable to whoever is reading, using a bit of a strange writing style to get the point across in a manner that keeps interest and isn't completely boring.

Mloc - Developer
Mloc is on holiday and will fill this in later !

ScotzMan - Project Director, Comedian, Support
ScotzMan is our Project Director, he takes care of all the business side of things and manages the website and all our social media sites. Bringing a wealth of knowledge to the group we also let him take care of all the technical aspects, making sure we have servers, advertising and all that other fun stuff in place to keep the group going.

torp - Developer, Drinker
torp is a skilled Database Administrator with extensive experience designing and implementing specialized systems across a wide range of industries, including security, logistics, warehousing, health & safety, payroll and clinical data. torp is also proficient in .NET programming and scripting and has been actively working on Myriad projects since it's first conception in 2005.

War - Artist, Writer
If the other members of Myriad are the brains and brawns of the operation, then War is the sticky crazy clue that forcefully binds them all together in insane, gooey slightly uncomfortable harmony. War is the creating founder of Daemoniac Designs which does everything from taking out drug cartels to designing unique and one of a kind logos, accessories both wearable and maybe eatable, banners, posters and a myriad *cough* of other things. War’s job is to annoy everyone else, make sure that they are all on the same page [as War often gets distracted] and be the artsy one. Some might even suggest that in the grand scheme of things War is the true mastermind.

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