Myriad Codex

Every Story is an Adventure

About The Project

Myriad Codex 1This project came about after we formed Myriad Gaming, but it is currently holding our interest. We had already decided on our long term project, but as it had a long development time of 12-18 months, we needed something else to focus on for the time being until we could learn each other's working methods and get to grips with the reality of such a big project. So, we came up with some smaller projects to work on together, thereby allowing us to learn our own strengths and weaknesses. With this kept in mind, we came up with the idea of interactive Create Your Own Adventure games and thus Myriad Codex was born.

Myriad Codex 2The project got off to a flying start, bringing the team closer together and allowing us to learn more about each other. Additionally, it gave us a platform for which we could launch Myriad Gaming and build up some decent brand awareness. With the project underway, we started work on our website and the various social media sites we plan on making use of. Part of the reason we chose this project is because it's something we all have some experience with, and it allowed us the chance to take something we did as children and teenagers and make it compatible with today's lifestyle. By making it accessible to people of all ages and in a ergonomic and easy to use format, we were able to keep the idea alive and make sure that others could continue to enjoy. The project is our first release, and while it may sound basic in principle, we promise to offer an exciting and innovative twist with stories being released on a regular basis, so as to best keep our users entertained for the years to come.